Elevating Ethical Standards: SMETA Audits

In an increasingly conscientized global marketplace, demonstrating commitment to ethical business practices and social responsibility is crucial for maintaining trust and credibility. SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) provides a comprehensive framework for assessing and reporting on ethical practices within supply chains, helping businesses to identify areas of improvement and demonstrate their commitment to ethical trade.


Engaging in SMETA audits enables organizations to:

  • Showcase Ethical Practices: Demonstrate to customers, investors, and other stakeholders your commitment to responsible business conduct and ethical trade practices.
  • Improve Supply Chain Transparency: Gain deep insights into your supply chain, identifying risks and areas for improvement in labor rights, health and safety, environmental sustainability, and business ethics.
  • Enhance Brand Reputation: Build and maintain a strong, ethical brand reputation by adhering to internationally recognized ethical standards.
  • Drive Continuous Improvement: Use audit findings to implement meaningful changes that improve the working  conditions and environmental impact of your supply chain.

SMETA is not just an audit; it's a pathway towards building a more ethical, sustainable, and responsible business.

What do we offer?

Advance Ethical Excellence with SIMPLIFY

Participating in SMETA audits with SIMPLIFY is more than achieving compliance; it's a commitment to excellence in ethical trade and social responsibility. Our customized consulting services and dedicated mentorship support are designed to transform your supply chain practices, aligning them with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Customized Consulting Services: Our consulting services offer expertise in ethical trade practices, providing personalized advice, strategic planning, and actionable solutions. Whether you're preparing for your first SMETA audit or looking to improve upon previous audit outcomes, our specialists are here to guide you every step of the way.

Dedicated Mentorship Support: Beyond consultancy, our mentorship program is designed to empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for maintaining and advocating ethical practices within your operations. Through comprehensive training and ongoing support, we ensure your commitment to ethical trade is embedded throughout your organization.

Take a decisive step toward ethical and responsible business practices with SIMPLIFY. Let us guide you through the SMETA audit process, enhancing your supply chain transparency and reinforcing your reputation as an ethical business leader.

Our Methodology

Simplify Management System Approach for SMETA

  1. Pre-Audit Assessment: We begin with a pre-audit assessment, analyzing your current practices against SMETA's pillars: Labor Standards, Health & Safety, Environment, and Business Ethics. This phase helps identify gaps and prepare your organization for the SMETA audit.
  2. Customized Action Plan: Based on the pre-audit assessment, we develop a customized action plan tailored to address identified gaps and enhance your ethical practices in line with SMETA requirements.
  3. Implementation Support: We guide you through the implementation of necessary actions, ensuring that your  practices not only comply with SMETA standards but also contribute to the well-being of your workforce and the sustainability of your operations.
  4. Training and Engagement: Success in ethical trade practices requires the engagement and understanding of your entire team. We provide targeted training to ensure your staff is well-equipped to uphold and advocate for ethical practices across your     operations.
  5. Audit Preparation: We help you prepare for the SMETA audit, ensuring that all necessary documentation, practices, and procedures are in place and aligned with the audit requirements.
  6. Post-Audit Follow-up: Following the audit, we assist in addressing any corrective actions identified, ensuring continuous improvement and compliance with ethical trade practices.
  7. Continuous Improvement  Strategy: We offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your business  continually evolves and maintains high standards of ethical practice, reinforcing your commitment to responsible business conduct over the long term.

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