Process Mining

In today's business landscape, complexity in processes is the norm. Preserving their integrity and effectiveness is key to success. Process mining is key to understanding and optimizing these business operations.

A key element

of any business operation

Process mining allows organizations to gain deeper insights into their operations by analyzing and visualizing event data from their IT systems. It provides a clear, data-driven picture of how processes are actually performed, rather than how they were designed to be executed.This real-world visibility enables companies to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement in their processes.

The benefits of process mining are numerous. It enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and minimizes errors by pinpointing areas that require attention. It also supports compliance efforts by ensuring that processes align with regulations and standards. Process mining empowers data-driven decision-making and helps organizations achieve greater process transparency and continuous improvement.

At Simplify, we utilize the Scout process mining tool to bring process transparency and optimization to your organization. With Scout, we can efficiently discover, analyze, and visualize your processes, providing you with actionable insights. This tool enables us to identify process variations, deviations, and opportunities for automation or improvement.

Part of Process

The purpose of process mining is to analyze, visualize, and improve business processes based on data-drive ininsights.

Quick onboarding

Scout offers a swift and straight forward installation process, providing clients with a rapid, hands on experience. This allows you to explore the platform's interface and gain firsthand insights into the process data collection procedure.


During the Discovery phase of Scout implementation, we collaborate closely with your organization to determine the specific area where you'd like to commence data collection. In this crucial step, we ensure that all necessary technical prerequisites are identified, addressed, and resolved, laying the groundwork for a smooth and efficient data collection process.

Data collection

In the Data Collection phase of Scout implementation, we set the stage for a defined period during which Scout diligently records the execution of your processes. This data collection process is a crucial step in generating valuable insights into your operations and identifying opportunities for optimization and enhancement.

Process Analysis

In the Data Analysis phase of Scout implementation, we work closely with your team to thoroughly analyze the data collected. Together, we categorize the processes into three key areas: standardization, optimization, or automation. This critical step lays the foundation for informed decision-making and drives actionable strategies to improve and streamline your operations.

How can we

help you?

Eager to explore how Simplify can fast forward your organization with process mining? Our approach is both systematic and strategic, grounded in industry best practices and enriched by our extensive experience in the field.

Our journey begins with a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs and objectives. This enables us to craft a tailored solution that seamlessly aligns with your organization's goals. Collaboratively, we provide a clear roadmap, outlining responsibilities and essential steps to achieve your process mining objectives.

One of our key differentiators is our impressive portfolio, which showcases our successful delivery of diverse projects across various industries. Our experience has equipped us with the expertise to navigate the intricacies of process mining, allowing us to overcome common challenges and ensure the success of your project.

Our team leverages advanced technologies, sharp analytical capabilities, and practical insights. This fusion enables us to meticulously analyze, comprehend, and optimize your processes, regardless of industry or scope.

Partner with Simplify to embark on a journey towards more efficient and effective process mining, unlocking valuable insights and improvements within your organization.

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