Discovery phase

During this phase, our experts engage in a series of highly focused discovery workshops within the selected department, setting the stage for the transformation ahead.

These workshops serve as dynamic hubs for the collection of vital information about existing processes. Through active engagement with process owners and stakeholders, we unearth valuable insights and perspectives. Our goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current processes, their intricacies, and their critical intersections.
To facilitate data collection and enhance visualization, we harness the power of advanced process modeling and process mining tools. These cutting-edge technologies empower us to capture, document, and analyze process flows with precision and clarity. By doing so, we create a visual representation of your existing processes, illuminating their intricate dynamics.
The 'Discovery Phase' is not merely about data collection; it's about creating a comprehensive blueprint that guides the journey toward automation excellence. Through strategic prioritization and analysis, we identify the processes that hold the greatest potential for optimization and automation.

Partner with Simplify to fast forward your LPA journey towards enhanced efficiency and sustainable automation.

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