Overview of business

This phase takes center stage as a strategic foundation. During this pivotal stage, we adopt a holistic perspective, assessing the entirety of your organization and its existing automation initiatives, if any exist. Our objective is to evaluate your organization's level of automation maturity comprehensively.

Through this holistic assessment, we gain valuable insights into the areas where automation can make the most significant impact. By understanding your organization's automation maturity, we define the specific areas that should be the initial targets of our efforts. This includes identifying departments or functions, such as finance, where automation can be most beneficial. The outcome of the 'Overview of Business' phase is a meticulously crafted action plan. This plan outlines the strategic steps your organization should undertake to embark on a successful automation journey. It may involve initiatives like establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE), prioritizing upskilling efforts, and strategically automating processes in targeted areas.

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