ISO 17021-1

Enhancing Trust in Certification: ISO/IEC 17021-1 Conformity

In an era where trust and credibility in management system certifications are paramount, ISO/IEC 17021-1 stands as a cornerstone for bodies providing these essential services. This standard outlines the requirements for certification bodies to ensure they conduct audits and certifications with integrity, competence, and impartiality, ultimately supporting global trade and innovation by instilling confidence in management system certifications.

Why ISO/IEC 17021-1?

Adoption of ISO/IEC 17021-1 enables certification bodies to:

  • Demonstrate Competence: Show that your certification processes meet the highest international standards, ensuring your services are globally recognized.
  • Build Confidence: Enhance trust among businesses, stakeholders, and regulators in your certification services, affirming the validity and reliability of your certifications.
  • Ensure Impartiality: Maintain the utmost levels of fairness and objectivity in your audit and certification processes, critical for the integrity of certifications.
  • Foster Continuous Improvement: Adopt a framework that encourages constant enhancement of your audit and certification procedures, aligning with best practices and evolving standards.

ISO/IEC17021-1 certification is not just a compliance milestone; it's a testament to your commitment to excellence and ethical practice in the certification of management systems.

What do we offer?

Elevate Your Certification Services with SIMPLIFY

Achieving ISO/IEC 17021-1 certification with SIMPLIFY is about more than meeting a standard; it’s about setting your certification body apart as a leader in quality, integrity, and trust. Our customized consulting services and dedicated mentorship support are designed to navigate you through the certification process, ensuring your services meet international standards and are recognized for their excellence.

Customized Consulting Services: Our consulting services provide you with unmatched expertise in the certification of management systems, offering personalized advice, strategic planning, and actionable solutions tailored to your organization's unique challenges and opportunities.

Dedicated Mentorship Support: Beyond consultancy, we empower your team through targeted mentorship, building deep understanding and capability in ISO/IEC 17021-1requirements. Through comprehensive training and ongoing support, we ensure your organization continues to lead in delivering high-quality certification services.

Position your certification body at the forefront of ethical practice and quality with SIMPLIFY. Let us guide you to ISO/IEC 17021-1 certification, enhancing your operations and instilling confidence in your certificates among businesses and stakeholders worldwide.

Our Methodology

Simplify Management System Approach for ISO/IEC 17021-1

  1. Gap Analysis: Our engagement begins with a thorough gap analysis to assess your current practices against the rigorous criteria of ISO/IEC 17021-1. This identifies strengths and uncovers areas for improvement, setting a clear course for certification readiness.
  2. Action Plan for Compliance: Leveraging insights from the gap analysis, we develop a detailed action plan tailored to ensure your operations fully comply with ISO/IEC 17021-1. This plan focuses on enhancing your audit and certification processes, governance     structures, and competency requirements.
  3. Implementation Support: We assist in the implementation of the action plan, introducing necessary changes and improvements to your procedures, documentation, and systems to meet the standard’s requirements.
  4. Training and Development: We provide comprehensive training for your auditors and staff to ensure they understand and can apply the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1 effectively, enhancing the quality and integrity of your certification services.
  5. Pre-certification Audit: To ensure readiness for the certification audit, we conduct a pre-certification audit that simulates the formal certification process, helping to identify and address any remaining gaps or areas for improvement.
  6. Guidance Through Certification Process: Navigating the certification process can be challenging. We offer expert support and guidance throughout the certification audit, ensuring you present your processes and compliance confidently and effectively.
  7. Post-Certification Continuous Improvement: Achieving ISO/IEC 17021-1 certification marks the beginning of a journey of continuous improvement. We provide ongoing support to help you update and refine your practices in line with emerging trends, standards, and stakeholder expectations.

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