Implementacija i integracija nove strategije

Partnership support to the organization at the strategic level in the implementation of the new strategy. After adopting a new strategy, it is necessary to bring it down to all levels in the organization, create a model for operational monitoring of its execution, and perform a complete reengineering of the process to fit the new strategy. Following a clearly defined strategy implementation plan, we are focused on supporting organizations strategically in achieving the same.

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What do you get:
  • Defining the Target Operating Model (TOM)
  • A precise strategy implementation plan
  • Cascading strategy towards strategic and operational goals
  • Process reengineering following the defined strategy
  • Establishing a model for monitoring the implementation of the new strategy
  • Defining strategic cooperation
  • Establishing a routine in implementation
  • Integration of strategy into the existing system
  • Process reengineering plan

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