Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced scorecard is a strategic model for managing an organization’s performance. Developed by professors from Harvard Kaplan and Norton, it has been implemented by major global organizations. Through the perspectives of finance, clients, processes, and learning and growth, it captures a comprehensive view of the performance of an organization. In previous years, it has experienced some improvements that are reflected in expanding or adding to the organization’s perspectives. Our service includes a strategic partnership with the organization in the implementation of this model.

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What do you get:
  • Implementation and integration of the Balanced Scorecard into the organization’s system;
  • Support in measuring and defining actions;
  • Structure of KPI’s by Perspectives and Integration into the BSC
  • Analysis of the set strategy;
  • Align strategic goals
  • Defining KPIs for the Finance Perspective;
  • Defining KPIs for client perspective;
  • Defining KPIs for a process perspective;
  • Defining KPIs for a learning and growth perspective;
  • Modeling

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